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The Crippling Disadvantage of a Disempowered Mindset

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The Crippling Disadvantage of a Disempowered MindsetI was raking my yard yesterday (because feminism) and I have to confess: for the first patch of my raking endeavors, I had a very disempowered mindset. It was kinda funny though, because just a few weeks ago I recall raking my front yard and having a blast. A blast, you say? Really? Yes, it was a blast. Because the weather was great. Because I was ready to get out of the house and away from my laptop. Because my body craved some hard work. And because raking my yard on my own makes me feel like SheRa. Okay. I don't know much about SheRa but my friend told me about her and it sounds like she was pretty great.

Yesterday, however, I found myself in the midst of a disempowered mindset. I was way in my head with all too many thoughts (you know we have 60,000-70,000 of them per day, right?). I was feeling a bit stuck and some sort of "behind."

Well, thoughts like these love to be fondled and I knew just the thing to do. I needed to move. Again and again I forget this. A disempowered mindset is not a fate you are stuck with for a lifetime, or even for an entire day.

You can move your body to free your mind.

It didn't happen right away. The first 30 minutes? My mind was still winning .

But strenuous yard work leaves little room for thought fondling (see what I did there?!).

I chose movement to move myself out of useless mind drama.

I know, I know. Some of you are at a desk working.

And some of you are there 'till it's dark.

But there's no {good} reason you can't find a solid 10 minute to move your body in some kind of way.

You see, the crippling disadvantage of a disempowered mindset is that you aren't really living (or performing, or serving, or loving, or working) when you're stuck in your head. And that's exactly where a disempowered mindset keeps you.

There are a few great, known ways to get out of your head: Inquiry (questions). Meditation (shut it off). Movement (the brain changes when we move). It's science and stuff.

My coaching offers solutions through inquiry. But you can do the movement thing or meditation thing on your own.



Strengths Finder 2.0 - What We Focus On We Move Towards

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Strengths Finder | Sylvia Hall Kansas City Life Coach What we focus on, we move towards. And... that's why I love this best selling book by Tom Rath. It's a simple book with an outstanding premise: when we focus on our strengths, we thrive. The bulk of the book is a to be used alongside of the results you get from taking a 35 minute online survey. The survey identifies your top 5 strengths. In order to take the "quiz" you have to buy the book and use your unique passcode in the back.

Why is it important to identify your strengths? Well, your strengths are your strengths, whether you recognize them or not. When you have clarity about what you're good at, it becomes easier to release the things we're not as good at.

Roth talks about using our raw talent as a multiplier:

...we've discovered that the most successful people start with dominant talent -- and then add skills, knowledge, and practice to the mix.

Building on your strengths works as an excellent platform for self-confidence, self-beleif, and self-trust. As if I needed more proof, my five strengths have me confident that life coaching is pretty much my home zone. Chances of me finding a better fit for my talents seems unlikely...

1. Activator this strength means I am a fire starter
2. Connectedness this strength means I THRIVE when I feel connected, supported, and supporting
3. Communication this strength means I am meant to share my insights
4. WOO (win people over) this strength means i want people to see and be the best version of themselves
5. Ideation this strength means ideas energize me

A strengths-based-focus is a fantastic way to look at who you are and what kind of work you are meant to be doing in this world.

Have you taken the strengths-finder assessment? I would love to hear your top 5.

Why Disengaging from Your Work is Disengaging From Your Life

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Check This Out

There's a haunting statistic I've mentioned before regarding employee engagement. And it really gets me frazzled. Apparently,

Approximately 70% of employees are not engaged at their jobs.


This hurts. Everyone.

First of all, it hurts the overall success of the company. You don't have to be a rocket surgeon to understand that underperforming employees are killing your bottom line. The work isn't getting done. AND, perhaps even more important: the energy of your people is low, which creates a vicious, hard-to-break cycle.

Next, disengaged employees take a toll on the leadership of the company. Whether some of the leaders, too, are disengaged, or even if they are not-- trying to connect with and manage unengaged people is an uphill battle.

And then, of course, disengaged behavior shapes the unengaged individual.

How we do anything is how we do everything.

Essentially, it sucks to show up in a less than authentic way. You can't just zone out for 8 hours then zone back in and suddenly be awesome for your family/evening "OTHER" life.

How we do anything is how we do everything.

Maybe it seems like it's someone else's fault that we're not "connecting" with our work. Or, maybe our disengagement is simply a result of feeling burn-out. Regardless, people who are not engaged are not as happy or satisfied. Being engaged is really about being "on" not off. Being open, not closed. Being engaged is about being authentic. Being engaged is about how you show up in the world. Being engaged is about waking yourself up to reconnect who you've become and who you really want to be.

How we do anything is how we do everything.

It takes a toll being disengaged. We don't just go to work and then BECOME someone else when it's time to go home. We simply don't operate that way. Who we are at work is the same person we are at home, and it's the same person we are with our friends, and it's the same person we are on vacation, and it's the same person who likes to laugh, and contribute, and connect. At least, it can be. Wouldn't that be something?



Yours for a wake-up whenever you deem yourself ready,