I help my clients learn how to manage their minds so they can experience the confidence they crave and create the personal success they desire.


At work. At home. 

And everywhere in-between...

Mindset training teaches us how to unravel ourselves from the emotional story which is keeping us stuck.

Stuck in stress. Stuck in frustration. Stuck in struggle. 

With a fresh perspective we can see how to choose a better story for ourselves...

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“One conversation with Sylvia woke me up from my hyper-sleep.” – R. Northrup 

“Instead of viewing things as a burden, I now see things as an opportunity to achieve what I really want.” – J. Klein

“I seriously can’t think you enough for being such an inspiration to me and giving me the tools and power to create my own reality.” – P. Wilson


Learn more about me. My mission, my methods, and the transformative results I'm committed to creating.

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