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Never Enough Time (To Pursue Your Desires)? Read This.

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What We Do & Don't Have Time For

We don't have time to swarm in mind-drama about how much stuff we have to do, how much yard work there, is, how much laundry there always is, and how 'behind' we are on all of it AND still entertain our curiosities for an extra 30 minutes. 

We don't have time to stress out over how much continuous work it is to run a business and wear all the hats in our business and learn all the things there is to learn in a business and still do the necessary work. 

We don't have time to obsess over all the things that 'need to be done' and still actually do and enjoy the things we are going to do.

Catch that pattern!

There's a pattern here. Did you catch it?  Our time and our energy are limited. Mind drama is LIMITLESS and will eat up our every bit of our precious time and energy. But, then, we are left empty-handed. We are left with the ache of our unfulfilled desires. The time has passed and we have little to show for it.

(Some people call this "dying with your dreams still inside of you.)

And, on top of that "natural consequence'" we often feel resentful about our result. We blame others for not helping (but did we ask?). We make excuses for our lack of progress (but did we even 'show up?'). 

And, we get stuck and our 'norm' of inaction. Massive consumption and nil creation... 

Your desire to create something matters

Never enough time in the day to pursue your desires? READ THIS! 

Never enough time in the day to pursue your desires? READ THIS! 

Whether you want to create plans for a new side-business. ... or you want to create time and space for a workout. ...or you simply crave some extra time "playing" with your curiosities of choice... That desire matters.

It really IS up to you to decide what you want to do. And, then you have to decide for yourself that it matters JUST as much as all those things other things you think you "have" to do.

A THREE step process:

I like it when people make things simple for me, so allow me to do the same for you...

1. Figure out what you REALLY WANT TO DO

2. Call BLUFF on the DRAINING story about all the other STUFF being MORE IMPORTANT

3. DO THE THING YOU FEEL PULLED TO DO (Preferably daily.)

It's Energizing

It's funny because the old story of 'not enough time' really does fade away when you MAKE time to do things that fill you up. When you honor what you feel pulled to explore, you become energized and those other "obligations" are significantly less exhausting. It sounds crazy, but it's oh-so-true. Really. Try it out...

Do you struggle finding making time for the topics that tug at you? Try these steps and let me know how it works for you.


- Sylvia




What We Make of Things & My New Book

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Sylvia Hall: This Is Real Life: Love Notes To Wake You Up At the beginning of this year, I had a cancer scare. A biopsy revealed suspicious cells on and around my thyroid. And, so, it needed to be removed. It was a highly stressful time... not necessarily because of the surgery, but because of how inundated I became with anxiety. To sum it up, I was experiencing a heaping dose of vulnerability regarding my own mortality. My anxiety was compounded with guilt. Guilt that I handled it all wrong and should've handled it better. A life coach suffering from a nervous breakdown? You can file that under total ego destruction.

However, one of the most persistent thoughts that clawed at me (when considering the end of my time here on planet earth), was the book pictured above. I needed to write that book! I couldn't croak with that book still inside me! At the time of my crisis, of course, that book was just an image in my mind.

Once I got a grip on my anxiety, the first thing I did was get to work on that book. There was nothing that could stop me. Not a fear of people hating it (I am certain some will). Not a fear of mean reviews on amazon (I am sure those are coming too). And not a fear of it being a flop. How could  it flop if my entire vision of WHY I was writing it was bigger than any outside validation? I was fueled by a desire that would trump all obstacles.

I'm delighted to share with you that approximately 8 months after my surgery, my book launched. This Is Real Life: Love Notes To Wake You Up is now available for purchase on Amazon or Etsy. Both places show previews of what the book is like. If you love the previews, you'll love the book. If you don't love the previews, you won't love the book. It's as simple as that!

From my simple and formulaic story I know now more than ever the importance of what we make things mean.

So, something happens. Freak out. Figure it out. Take some action. Just keep going.

Your story can either be your catalyst for growth or it can be your excuse.

Your story can inspire you to do great things, or it can stop you in your tracks.

What we make things mean matters so very much.

What do you make it mean when it rains? What do you make it mean when you get sick? What do you make it mean when you are overwhelmed? What do you make it mean when you are bored with your life?

The wonderful thing is... no matter what you've made it mean before in your life, you can shift your perspective now. All you have to do is tell a better story.



Coaching Myself Through Learning to Paint At 30

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  Learning to Paint at 30

Something Big

About a week before my birthday, I decided I wanted to do something big for myself to commemorate turning 30.


For some people, the idea of 'something big' may entail a thrill-seeking adventure. Bungee Jumping. Swimming across the Atlantic. Parasailing. Cliff diving... and things of that nature.

But for me, a CREATIVE adventure is always the most daring and feisty adventure of all.


For my 30th birthday I decided I was going to stop telling the story that would love to be able to paint, and instead actually learn how to paint.


So, why painting?

Because when I paint, I feel so good.

Because I believe that we can get good at anything we choose to pursue.

Because I love being out of my head and in the moment.

Because I believe it's never too late to start something new.

Because I believe "the way to know life is to love many things."




And can I just say: wow.

There have been some bumpy spots along the road. If I did not know how to coach myself through this I probably would've stopped back at day two or three.

That annoying voice inside of our heads gets even louder when we try new things. That annoying voice can not stand when we are not immediately good at something. But I knew to be ready for this.

Starting at the VERY beginning of a new creative adventure has me so revved up as a coach. Pursuing something you are passionate about gives you energy. Saying yes to a desire is like a great big YES to your life.

Your desires are not random. They are like a compass leading you to the next step. Desire trumps talent and what you want wants you too.

If you have something you want to go after in life, or something you want to change.... know this-- it is so very possible.










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