Sylvia Hall


Mindset + EQ Workshops

I work with small and mid-sized groups who are looking for an engaging and inspiring presentation.

My workshops + keynotes are focused on mindset and EQ in order to enhance success and fulfillment. 


Each presentation I give is custom created for your individual needs, perfect for team-building and professional development programs.


My Programs Offer:

∆ Enhanced creativity & problem solving

∆ Increased clarity & ability to handle stress

∆ Energized leadership capabilities & confidence

∆ Improved interpersonal/intrapersonal relations


Here’s the thing: everybody wants to feel good. Inspired. Productive. Connected. But without the right insights, most people don’t really know how.

Most “positive thinking” strategies get lost in the void of daily circumstances. My programs provide pivotal insights to enhance perspectives, regardless of what ‘the day brings.'


How do you STAY ENGAGED AND inspired?

How do you coach someone through stress and burnout? 

Mindset is a skill set that will serve your group at work, home, and beyond. 


My programs address our innate desire for growth and learning. 


Contact me to learn more. I would love to hear from you.

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Workshop Reviews 

"Sylvia was great! She worked with us to develop a workshop specific to our needs. It was a two hour workshop/presentation for 25 people. The presentation was very thought provoking and was beneficial in both our professional and personal lives. I would definitely recommend Sylvia's workshops to others. She will be a repeat at ours!" - A.W.


"I got to see Sylvia at the Women In Motion Expo. She is a dynamic speaker, very intune with her audience. Engaging, captivating and uplifting!" - S.J.


"I've been much more aware of my thoughts & feelings today and today was a very necessary day for it! Facts vs emotion.....Thank you!" - A.S.

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