Workplace Wellness KC: NEW! Walking Coaching Program

Get outside. Get moving. Get inspired. 

Countless research has PROVEN that even 30 minutes of regular walking significantly reduces stress, heart disease risk, depression, and more.

Additionally, science has gained evidence supporting the notion that our best creative ideas come to us when we are in motion. Movement creates momentum.  And, yet, most of us spend the better part of our days inside, sedentary.  

And last, but certainly not least: mindset. Coaching conversations educate and empower individuals to become the master of their own reality. 

If you are a Kansas City business looking for a workplace wellness program that encourages movement, offers accountability, and enhances mindset, then this services is for you!

Walking coaching sessions take place in your office neighborhood. This type of coaching session is a unique offering that will essentially "kill THREE birds with one stone." Your employees will get fresh air, exercise, and also experience the transformative benefits of life coaching. 

While we are walking, I talk to your employee about THEM. 
Their dreams, their goals, their struggles, stress, ideas, and vision.

I am a certified life coach who has combined my passion for teaching mindset, the awe-inspiring outdoors, and the importance of moving our bodies to create a ONE OF A KIND offering for Kansas City businesses.

If you are looking to enhance your employee's wellness at work (and beyond!), then look no further. 

My role is NOT just a walking buddy... My focus as a walking coach is to help create significant and positive results. Participants will be AMAZED by the energizing nature of a walking coaching session. 

Interested? Want to learn more?

Write to me below or give me a call: 816-812-0539

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