Normal is for suckers.

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Long story short:

Almost two years ago, after a biopsy on some cysts on my thyroid, my doctor called me and told me I had cancer. 

Side note: This 'cancer phone call' triggered a nervous breakdown. Boooo.

FYI, nervous breakdowns are very hard on the ego of a life coach.

Now, I had a cancer issue and a mental health issue.

BOOM. All good things went sour, in like... 30 seconds. 

Thyroid Surgery left me thyroid-less (Duh.)

I now have to take thyroid medicine everyday for the rest of my life. 

You know that silly quesiton, if you were going to be standed on a desert island and you can only take one thing? Yea, well...

OK, so here's the kicker. Every. Single. Doctor I had talked to wanted to prescribe me Synthroid... despite EVERY SINGLE STUDY I read about online suggesting that most thyroid patients feel better on a Natural Dessicated Thyroid (NDT) like Armour or Nature-Throid. 

I have found that most doctors are shooting for the 'normal range' of everything for their patients. 

That might work for some people. But for me and my tribe? I INSIST ON OPTIMAL.


CRUD. Did I say this story would be short?

Ok, let's wrap this puppy up.

I remained my own advocate and found a doctor who prescribes NDTs. (Side-note: I feel best on Nature-Throid. Some people way favor Armour. It's a personal thing.)

The final thyroid biopsy after my surgery revealed that I did NOT, in fact, have cancer. Oops? Yay? 

Something like that.

I am glad to report I am feeling exceptionally better and well on the nervousa-breakdowna front, too.

Going gluten-free has helped round out things in some terrific ways.


The Missing Puzzle Piece 

But the most exciting discovery has been the 'puzzle piece' of gut health.

I've become a crazy wild advocate for gut health and probiotics

I believe that WHOLE, REAL foods are healing and VERY important component to gut health and overall health.

It's mind boggling to me how many doctors skip over the VAST importance of what's on the end of our forks.

Most importantly, I think we have to be our OWN health advocates. 


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