Workplace Training Programs for Kansas City Businesses 

I work with small and mid-sized Kansas City businesses who are looking to invest in their people in order to increase organizational performance and profits. 


My Programs Offer:

∆ Enhanced creativity & problem solving

∆ Increased clarity & ability to handle stress

∆ Energized leadership capabilities & confidence

∆ Improved interpersonal/intrapersonal relations


My programs help businesses with these benefits through workshops, one-on-one coaching and other educational training services.


Here’s the thing: everybody wants to feel good. Inspired. Productive. Connected. But without the right insights, most people don’t really know how.

Most “positive thinking” strategies get lost in the void of daily circumstances. My programs provide pivotal insights to enhance perspectives, regardless of what ‘the day brings.'

How do you keep your people engaged and inspired?

How do you coach your employees through stress and burnout? Most small and mid-sized companies don't have the support staff necessary to ignite each employee's potential.

The best businesses have strategies in place to keep their team inspired and they utilize ACTIONABLE engagement techniques that are sustainable for the long-term. They are focused on PASSION alongside of PROFIT.


My programs address employees' desire for growth and learning within the workplace. Mindset is a skill set that will serve them at work, home, and beyond. 

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Sylvia Hall | Workplace Training Programs Kansas City