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What Do You Do When Things Go... Right?

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The topic of today's post is really more of a question.

The Art of Fulfillment - What does it mean that fulfillment is an art? Well, it means that it's personal. Individual. It's exclusively yours to decide.
What do you do when things go right?!?

It might sound funny at first, but if you really think about it... it's probably harder to answer than you first thought.  

How do you act when things are going well?

Are you skeptical? (That it's all gonna blow up soon.)

Are you cautious? (That things aren't as good as they seem.)

OR... worst of all... are you even able to see how wonderful things are when they are sitting there all wonderful-like, right in front of your silly little nose???

Tony Robbins was interviewed by Tim Ferris recently and he was talking about achievement vs. fulfillment. 

He said achievement is a science.

There's an equation you can follow to create certain results.

And yet fulfillment, he said, is an art.

That means it's personal. Individual. It's exclusively yours to decide.

If you follow me on Instagram you probably noticed that I have already been inspired by this same interview quite a bit. 

I SO love his point about fulfillment because I think we, as a society, are losing touch with how to feel good.

There's so much striving. So much wanting.

We live in a MORE! MORE! MORE! society. 

And while I whole-heartily believe in the power of setting goals, and living a healthy, thriving, abundant, life.... so much of our striving comes from a place of 'FIXING.'

It comes from a place of 'not-enoughness.'

From that place, we'll never feel satisfied. 

From that place, we're always one pay raise (one big contract, one faster car, one MEGA-DIET, one BIGGER house, one PAIR OF SHOES) away from complete.

It's exhausting.

...and it's hogwash.

...and, frankly, it doesn't have to be this way. 

Once you recognize it, you can commit some of your energy and focus to the other side of the achievement coin: FULFILLMENT.

- Sylvia