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This Blue Sky

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blue kansas city sky

What did we do today?

Well, after typing out a bit of it, I realized: my highly personal kids would likely prefer I not share all of this. Or any of it, really.

And therein lies the personal blogging block I’ve had for some time.

When I first started blogging, my son was in the womb, and daughter was just an idea. ;)

I could write whatever with little consequence!

Now, so much of what I write and experience is about me as a mom, navigating these mucky waters. Growing a business is a breeze, compared to growing children in this world.

And I wonder: is there a way to cathartically share my own experiences without exposing the people who want to stay out of the lime light?

I’ve been back at it with daily writing in my journal but every time I think of “firing up” my personal blog again, I feel a certain energy of excitement.

Is it just nostalgia? Or is it another one of those nudges, guiding me along the path?

They sky today isn’t blue at all. But on the day I took this photo it was, and hopefully soon, it will be again.