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The Way the Brain Works

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Today I have done many things.

(Now my brain is going back and forth… should I bore them (you, my lovely reader) with the things I have done? Does that provide insight or is that annoying? (Or, worse, ‘braggadocious?' ;)

Yet… my brain tries to look for more things I need to do.

'Not now, brain,' I say. 'You have done enough of the things.'

’There are more things!’  my brain eagerly replies.

'There will always be more things,' I retort. ‘For now, let’s just not do a thing. OK?'

That’s the thing about doing things. 

You get in the mode of doing things and then you look for more things to do.

The brain loves habits (it’s efficient). And the brain loves problems, because problems gives it a job. It is a problem-finding machine.

The brain will look to solve whatever we direct it towards.

So, right now, I choose to direct my mind towards relaxing and basking in my accomplishments.

I choose to relish in my achievements.

I choose to swim in the glory of having done some important things, with nothing more I “need” to do (at least for the next 10 minutes).

The assignment I give to my brain: Appreciate. Appreciate yourself and your efforts.