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The Mind-Body Connection is TOO Real to Ignore

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There is no mindset work that will overcome a bad diet and it has taken me a good-long-while to understand this.

I am a coach and I help people with their mindset. I help people to lessen their stress by understanding the role their mind is playing in their stress load.

And yet, this BIG idea of nutrition as the foundation of all wellness keeps popping up for me.

Yes, it's taken me a while to wrap my mind around the question "How can I incorporate the power of nutrition with the power of our thoughts...?

I know now more than ever ... our body and our mind work together.

I'm not a dietitian & I don't want to be a dietitian. I'm not a nutritionist & I don't want to be a nutritionist. And, I'm not a doctor and I definitely do not want to be a doctor.

However, I know that a big part of my work is to help people understand the importance and IMPACT of the mind-body connection.

These two things are not separate-- obviously. We're connected!

How well our mind works and how well our body works goes together.

Personally, I've EXPERIENCED how all of the mindset tools in the world will still fail without proper nutrition.

As I drink this big ass glass of greens ... CHEERS to what's possible TOGETHER.



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