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Gaining Clarity Through Honesty

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A few days ago, I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw a post by Jillian Souza, from The Relentless Creative. She's a friend I've made online and she's extremely talented + insightful, so when she posts, I tune in.

Gaining Clarity Through Honesty

She was talking about spaciousness. 

We coaches have our own sort of lingo, so of course I love a good conversation about spaciousness.

Her post caption said:

"Spaciousness stems from honesty... not from stuff or "keeping up."

I commented that I loved her post!

Well, to be exact,  I said: "Lovely. I feel spacious when I have clarity. It's like the floating ducks are all in a row..." 

Her response was stellar. So good, that it's benefits have been transformative for me. So good... that I wanted to share it!

She replied:

"Oh yes clarity. Absolutely. For me clarity is easier once I am really honest about the situation."

BOOM! Isn't that amazing!?!

I do regular journal writing because it helps me get clear on what I want most....

I exercise my body because it helps clear out my mind about what I need to next... 

I meditate for clarity. I pray for clarity. Hell, I'd rain dance for clarity.

It's a busy, noisy, world and clarity is a GEM.

And yet, her comment was right on point because it's all a bunch of busy work if we aren't being completely honest with ourselves. 

Clarity around your goals and around what you want most is oh-so-important.

But in order to gain true clarity, we have to be honest with ourselves.

Take some time to gain clarity around your your life, your goals, and your vision... and when you do so .... be as open and honest as possible. That is clarity, at it's finest.




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Why Goals Matter

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First of all, it's important to notice... this post says "Why Goals Matter."

It does NOT say "Why YOUR Goals Matter."

why goals matter

This is more of an informational post, Rather THan an Inspirational post.

I will save the inspirational post about why YOUR goals (in particular) matter, for a later date.

I've recently relaunched my coaching services with a major focus on goals. 

Why goals?

Well, I recently took a little time off to reflect on what I've been doing in my coaching business.

Once I distanced myself a bit, it became obvious that the clients I've helped the most (and enjoyed helping the most!) were men and women who had a BIG goal they wanted to accomplish. 

Now, I know some of you might be thinking... Duh, Sylvia, isn't all life coaching about goals and goal setting? And the answer is no. Not exactly.

For quite a while now, I've positioned myself as someone who helps clients manage their mind.

I know it doesn't sound very sexy to "manage" your mind. Accordingly, I occasionally used the phrase "master your mind" too.

Either way, the mind can be a very pesky critter and the focus of my coaching was to rein it in. 

My goal for my clients was to teach them how to manage their minds.

Yes, a well managed mind is much more likely to set and achieve goals, but that wasn't my main focus before.

You see, I was doing a disservice to my clients by setting the goal for them.

Remember, above I said "MY" goal for my clients was to teach them how to manage their minds. 

With my new focus on goals, YOU, THE CLIENT must set your own goals.

Oh, and? They better be BIG + JUICY.

 I love what Elizabeth Gilbert said in her book, Big Magic, which perfectly ties together the POWER of goals in correlation to mind-management:

"Possessing a creative mind is like having a border collie for a pet; if you don't give it a job to do, it will find a job to do-- and you might not like the job it invents."

I love this, I love this, I love this. 

The first thing you must understand is, regardless if you identify as a "creative person" or not, you have a creative mind. 

Second, you HAVE to give your inner border collie a JOB. 


So, why do goals matter?

Goals matter because they give our brain direction.

Goals matter because they encourage (ahem, force) us to grow.

Goals matter because they give us the opportunity to evolve and become the type of person who can achieve our goals.

Goals matter.

Are you working towards yours?



P.S. Would you like some help creating and achieving your BIG + JUICY goals? Write me a line below and we'll schedule a time to connect!

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How to Create New Habits

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At the very core -- my coaching and training work is about creating change. If my clients don't have a problem they want to change, then I don't have a client. 

And, along the same idea of embracing change-- is the idea of creating new habits (and/or breaking old ones).

Creating change and creating new habits goes hand in hand. 

Did you know you should not just STOP a 'bad' habit, but instead you should replace it with something 'better?'

For instance.... someone who is trying to stop smoking might switch over to chewing gum. And someone who wants to stop drinking so much coffee might switch over to tea.

Swapping habits works better than just stopping the 'bad' habit.

But, as we both already know... change is rarely simple or easy. Even with 'the swap trick.'

If we want to create lasting change, we have to change the way we think, which changes the way we feel, which changes the way we act. 

The above 'equation' is the only way to create lasting change.

So how do we create space for this kind of change?

To think, feel, and act in a new direction requires our precious attention and energy.

Throughout my research, I've found the most effective way to embrace a big change is to utilize the power of meditation.

Meditation means something different to everyone, but in essence it's role is to calm the mind.

Why calm the mind? Well, if you haven't noticed, it can be a noisy place up there. Most of the noise is going to go against the change. The brain does not like change. The brain likes what's easy. Habits are easy because the brain has memorized how to act. 

The great news? Despite the "fight" our brains put up, we can, indeed, change. Science has proven our brains have a 'plasticity' to them which means we can reshape and rewire them.

That means: you aren't simply who you are and how you are. You are, actually, who you choose to be. 

I've really started to incorporate meditation into my life and into my teachings because of how effective it is. Meditation allows us to become intentional about who we want to be.

I usually prefer guided meditations (as opposed to 'just silence.'). But try it all out. See what's best for you

If you're not familiar, a guided meditation is simply a recording which walks you through the process of calming the mind.

If you're ready to create some sort of change in your life, consider trying meditation. Even as a little as 5 minutes a day can have massive effects.

I would love to hear how it goes!



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