Sylvia Hall


People Strategy: Coaching that Elevates + Energizes

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With the introduction of my newest professional coaching offering, I'm sliding in on the coat-tails of the beautiful business buzzword: employee engagement.

But what does it mean to have employees who are truly engaged? It doesn't just mean they are happy and it doesn’t just mean that they stick around for decades.

True employee engagement is about keeping your people committed AND connected. Connected to the shared vision and values of the organization; the "why" behind all of the work and effort. If your team doesn't have a strong WHY, then your overall efforts to keep employees engaged will remain listless.

A good people strategy will engage employees by keeping them connected to a shared vision and purpose; that of the organization and their own personal lives.

Employee engagement means weaving a (beautiful!) tie between the skills and efforts of your people, and the vision and results that the business achieves.

Sounds lovely, no?