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My Book of Poems and About Blogging

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First of all, can I just say...I was writing blog posts before it was 'big business.'

I was writing blog posts before it was even cool.

I was writing blog posts when it was a way to connect with other like-minded people.

It was social before there was social (media).

But a few years ago, I was reading through my old posts... cringing.

And, in a thoughtless act of embarrassment, I deleted the whole thing.

Yep, I regret that. Because it was such a cool (even if embarrassing) documentation of my life. 


Now, I write most of the posts for our Lifted blog, and this blog has kinda become stagnant. I'm no longer coaching and no longer offering workshops, because Lifted gets all of my work-love and attention.

But when I think back to the old way of blogging, I feel so nostalgic.

It was my morning ritual to wake up, grab some breakfast, and then feast over the latest posts of my blogging friends.

Now that I'm working pretty much full-time on Lifted, I am committed to carving out creative-time that keeps my cup full.

My favorite way to refuel and stay "tuned in, tapped in, and turned on" writing. (Quote credit, to Abraham... ;) 

I write around 3 pages in my journal daily, I'm working on a Lifted book, and I'm also working on a second book of poems because writing those little shots of inspiration make me really happy.

This is Real Life: Love Notes to Wake You Up

Speaking of which, my first book of poems, This Is Real Life was recently re-published and the new design and size are simply perfect.

The most thrilling thing of all, is that my book was republished by Maurice Basset, who is perhaps best known for publishing Steve Chandler's amazing books. #fangirl

So if you're peeking in to see what's been going on, now you know. 

Lots of energy, attention, and LOVE over at Lifted, plus writing.

Writing, always.