Sylvia Hall


Just Thoughts

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One of the coaching tools I use with clients may seem rather dismissive at first.

But honestly, it works. I've experienced it's benefits for myself and I've seen it work for my clients too.

Most of our problems are invented by our thinking. 

We tell a story about a situation and the story isn't helpful. 

That's right: we invent problems with our thoughts.

If we can step back mentally and see this, it's life changing.

Those stressful emotions we inflict upon ourselves?

Just thoughts.

Next time you are swirling in a mental storm of stress and overwhelm, remind yourself: 'These are just thoughts.'

We can experience tremendous relief when we learn how to quiet those thoughts.

Why is relief so great?

Well, relief is a light (non-heavy) emotion that is a gateway for other light and non-heavy emotions. That's right... relief is a gateway emotion.

What can relief lead to?

Excitement. Hope. Joy. Bliss.

When we feel good, we can do good.


- Sylvia