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I Might Be Bad At Vacationing

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If you know me, I mean... really know me, this probably comes as no surprise to you. 

I rarely sit still. I am always planning and executing projects ....and I like to be in engaged!

I am happiest when life is in full motion! When I'm on the move.

I don't ever dream of sitting on a beach drinking a cocktail. That's not a vacation.. or any sort of fantasy for me. 

So after a solid week here in Germany with my family but also with my laptop, I am realizing that I might be bad at vacationing. 

The goal was never 'not to work' fact I was excited to have the support of both my husband and my mom on this trip so that I could do some writing and blogging and also some coaching.

When your work is your love and work are something like synonymous.

Opportunity to work is more like a treat.

But I find myself in some sort of middle-land where it is difficult to work but also impossible to just 'do nothing.'

I'm realizing it's the perfect time to integrate more physical activity (read: exercise) into my days. And it's also a really good time to think about big dreams and to explore the infinite possibilities of a well designed life.

When you take yourself 'out of the familiar.' you invite in new perspectives.

Some of us might not be so fabulous at vacationing but I'm finding the benefits to be unmistakable.

It's the same reason why work-at-homers escape to a coffee shop or why a weekend get-away is more than just two overnights spent somewhere else.

Even though some of us might not be so great at vacationing, it seems, vacationing is quite good for us.

Changing our external surroundings can be extremely beneficial for an internal shift of perspective as well. 

And, as with everything else... what we practice is what we get good at. I'm committed to the cause, people!

As ambitious folks, we might struggle to carve out time away. How can you get away from the familiar (if only for an afternoon) so you can gain some perspective on your life? 




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