Sylvia Hall


How You Do It Matters

Sylvia HallComment

I want you to pause for a moment and consider an alternate universe.

In this universe, people still go to work. They still have families. They still have hobbies and friends. And they still have to decide what to have for dinner.

But in this universe, the inhabitants understand: the how matters more than the what.

Yes, indeed. In this universe people completely and fully understand that how they choose to show up matters.

They understand that they always get to choose how they want to show up.

They understand if they don't want to do something, it changes how they show up and they revaluate their mindset, or reevaluate their choice.

In this universe people understand that doing tedious and necessary paperwork can be the most cathartic, meditative experience of their life (if that's how they choose to do it).

In this universe people understand that doing the dishes can be as much fun as a raving celebrity party (if that's how they choose to do it).

In this universe people know that how they treat people and how they treat themselves is the most important thing. They know it's the starting point from which all other great whats can flow.

In this universe, the whats still gets done. In fact, it all gets done more effortlessly and more enjoyably because that's the choice of HOW they decide to do it.

How do you want to do it?