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Gaining Clarity Through Honesty

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A few days ago, I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw a post by Jillian Souza, from The Relentless Creative. She's a friend I've made online and she's extremely talented + insightful, so when she posts, I tune in.

Gaining Clarity Through Honesty

She was talking about spaciousness. 

We coaches have our own sort of lingo, so of course I love a good conversation about spaciousness.

Her post caption said:

"Spaciousness stems from honesty... not from stuff or "keeping up."

I commented that I loved her post!

Well, to be exact,  I said: "Lovely. I feel spacious when I have clarity. It's like the floating ducks are all in a row..." 

Her response was stellar. So good, that it's benefits have been transformative for me. So good... that I wanted to share it!

She replied:

"Oh yes clarity. Absolutely. For me clarity is easier once I am really honest about the situation."

BOOM! Isn't that amazing!?!

I do regular journal writing because it helps me get clear on what I want most....

I exercise my body because it helps clear out my mind about what I need to next... 

I meditate for clarity. I pray for clarity. Hell, I'd rain dance for clarity.

It's a busy, noisy, world and clarity is a GEM.

And yet, her comment was right on point because it's all a bunch of busy work if we aren't being completely honest with ourselves. 

Clarity around your goals and around what you want most is oh-so-important.

But in order to gain true clarity, we have to be honest with ourselves.

Take some time to gain clarity around your your life, your goals, and your vision... and when you do so .... be as open and honest as possible. That is clarity, at it's finest.




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