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Cultivating An Appreciation Mindset

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Today, I am talking about how to cultivate a mindset of appreciation

My last post talked about "How to Show Appreciation Without Being a Schmoozer." If you haven't checked that post out, go do so now. In it, I share a couple of simple yet direct ways to express appreciation without getting too mushy. It'll serve you at work, home, and beyond.

Since writing that post, I've come to realize the tricky thing about appreciation does not just lie in the art of expressing it, but, also, in the ability to look for it. You see, the art of expressing appreciation goes hand in hand with the ability to consciously seek out reasons to feel appreciation. 

When it comes to cultivating an appreciation mindset, there is a significant shift involved.

As mentioned before, vocalizing appreciation comes more naturally for some people. Regardless, it's a habit that can be cultivated with practice. The same is true for an 'appreciation mindset.'

If you are looking for reasons to appreciate, you will find them. If you are looking for problems, you will find them. This is the true power of a mindset shift: thoughts create our reality.

I'm reminded of a story about a client of mine.

She was frustrated with her husband. She was feeling overwhelmed and under-supported.

I said to her, "Tell me some of the ongoing thoughts that you're having day in and out about your husband." It's probably no surprise that she was stuck in a very negative thought loop.

I mean, I could easily see how these stories were causing her frustration. I coulda jumped right into it with her. Yes! Yes! Yes! Those things are all very frustrating!

But, here's the flip...

"Tell me about all of the wonderful things your husband does for you, your family, and even for himself," I said to her next.

It took her a while to get started, but once she did, she had a bundle of great things to say. She kept going and going, because there really were so many things...

"How do you feel now that you have been thinking about all of this?" I asked.

"I feel better," she replied.

When it comes to these two different sets of stories you can choose to tell about your husband, which version makes you feel better about you?" I asked.

"The latter, of course," she said.

"Practice that," I said to her.

Practice finding reason to appreciate whenever possible.

Appreciate yourself.

Appreciate your spouse.

Appreciate your neighbors.

Appreciate your colleagues.

Appreciate what they are showing you about yourself.

Appreciate the contrast they allow you to discover, which further shows you what you do want for yourself.

Appreciate the lessons around you whenever possible. {It's always possible.}



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