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Six Ways To Energize Your Day

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I hear SO many people talking about time management, but I think they might be missing the mark.

Sure. Time management is important. But the REAL problem is not how much time we have. The real problem is how much we drag through the tasks at hand: Enter a NEW concept...



Energy management is all about managing our state. State is how you're thinking and feeling. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to get work done when you don't feel well?

And what about your productivity when you're feeling great? There's a difference, right?! 

Below, I've outlined six powerful ways to manage your state. 



Start fresh every day. Believe in the power of a new beginning. If you're hanging on to yesterday it's no wonder you're stressed (It's over! Get over it!). If you're worrying about tomorrow... it's no wonder you're stressed (It's not even here yet; chill out!). Every day is a fresh shot on this big blue ball we call planet earth. Energize your day by releasing yesterday and tomorrow. Today, right now, is all you have and all you need.



Recognize and disconnect from negative thought patterns. Confident people simply believe more positive thoughts about themselves! (Write that down!) Next, drop the pen and grab an imaginary pair of scissors. Now, cut the emotional cords between you and your self-doubt. Self sabotage is pretty much the nastiest kind of sabotage that exists. To get energized, you need to reconnect with 'who you really are.' The REAL, lit up, connected, vibrant, YOU. That is a magnetic kind of energy! 

Six Ways To Energize Your Day - So many people talk about time management, but I think they might be missing the mark.  Sure. Time management is important. But the REAL problem is not how much time we have.


Figure out what you really want for your day. Your clarity regarding what you really want is SO VERY important. Momentum comes from focusing on, thinking about, talking about, and taking action towards WHAT WE WANT. The things we are passionate about give us energy. 



Learn your illusionary area of 'not enoughness.' We all have one. What’s yours? Not enough time? Money? Love? Smarts? Bust through this illusion to create a surge of energy in your day.


Own the rights to your own contentment in order to enhance your experience and your impact. I call this "keeping the key to your happiness in  your own pocket." This metaphor works great with my seven-year-old, and works great for my clients! Once you understand no one else is to blame, you and you alone get to decide what kind of energy you bring to the day.  



 Identify what lights you up and infuse it into every day. We all have our own unique brand of magic in this life. When we dare to recognize our personal areas of creativity, we can really show up in a thrilling and authentic way. As Elizabeth Gilbert says: "Any talent you do not use becomes a burden." Release the burden of un-used talent to energize your day and life!


- Sylvia


Mastering Mindset to Enhance Awareness and Productivity

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This post is a doozy-- offering you a comprehensive walk-through on a power-house perspective shift. 

My focus as a workplace training facilitator revolves around teaching mindset as a skill set. But what does that really mean?

It means learning to manage your mind.

It means changing the way you think about your thinking.

It means understanding that you can change how you think about things (which changes everything).

The key starting point I teach my clients is the difference between thoughts and facts.

So many people I work with are CERTAIN that the way they are seeing things are simply and resolutely 'the way they really are.'

While there are circumstances that we can not control, the biggest and most POTENT creator of our reality is still at our disposal: we get to choose how we think about life.

So often, though, we stop questioning things. We lose our curiosity. We think they've seen it all, so we stop seeing anything at all. We play the blame game and in turn, give all of our power away.

There's a better way, though. We can begin to master our mindset by making a shift towards awareness.

Let's say for instance my client is doing marketing for a residential fence company.

They might say to me, "Sylvia, I know we need to connect our people to a deeper purpose... but we are talking about fences. This is not sexy or profound work."

Chances are they REALLY believe that statement. But, it is not a fact. It is just a thought. And the more they think it, the more they believe it. And the more they believe it, the truer it is for them. 

"What if it was profound work?" I might ask them.

"What if you were the sexiest fencing company in all of Kansas City?" I might ask.

Or, I might say "So what if the fencing company is not sexy. What does THAT even mean?"

So many people think something is true when it is actually just their opinion.

There's nothing wrong with an opinion, but here's the thing: once we've made our mind up about something, there's less wiggle room for new ideas to grow.

Once we have decided we already know the answer, we stop looking for fresh solutions. 

It's funny, really. Oftentimes, we think we know the answer but we haven't even been asking the right questions.

Yes, enhancing awareness and enhancing your productivity are both perks of a fresh perspective.

So, How Do We Enhance Awareness (Which, In Turn, Enhances Productivity)?

1. We untangle ourselves from the story. We seek out real, solid, facts and from there we tell a better story about them.

Ask yourself "what else could be true?"

Ask yourself "wouldn't it be great if...?"

2. We open ourselves up to "the other side of the coin."

Every coin has two sides. What we want and the absence of it.  If you are stuck in the struggle of what you don't want-- flip the coin. Think about the other side of the coin. Talk about the other side: FOCUS on what you do want

3. We bless the contrast.

Do not hold resentment towards what you had and did not want. Instead, bless the contrast. It is only because you had what you did not want that you came to see what you really do want. (Try saying this: it is what it is and I love it. )

Learning how to master your mindset means becoming aware of the way you are thinking about your world.

You can enhance your awareness and your productivity by making it a regular practice to untangle yourself from mind-drama which is holding you back.

There are oodles of things that are out of your control, but your mindset isn't one of them. Isn't that great?


Want to learn more about this kind of employee training for your Kansas City team? Get in touch. 




Cultivating An Appreciation Mindset

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Today, I am talking about how to cultivate a mindset of appreciation

My last post talked about "How to Show Appreciation Without Being a Schmoozer." If you haven't checked that post out, go do so now. In it, I share a couple of simple yet direct ways to express appreciation without getting too mushy. It'll serve you at work, home, and beyond.

Since writing that post, I've come to realize the tricky thing about appreciation does not just lie in the art of expressing it, but, also, in the ability to look for it. You see, the art of expressing appreciation goes hand in hand with the ability to consciously seek out reasons to feel appreciation. 

When it comes to cultivating an appreciation mindset, there is a significant shift involved.

As mentioned before, vocalizing appreciation comes more naturally for some people. Regardless, it's a habit that can be cultivated with practice. The same is true for an 'appreciation mindset.'

If you are looking for reasons to appreciate, you will find them. If you are looking for problems, you will find them. This is the true power of a mindset shift: thoughts create our reality.

I'm reminded of a story about a client of mine.

She was frustrated with her husband. She was feeling overwhelmed and under-supported.

I said to her, "Tell me some of the ongoing thoughts that you're having day in and out about your husband." It's probably no surprise that she was stuck in a very negative thought loop.

I mean, I could easily see how these stories were causing her frustration. I coulda jumped right into it with her. Yes! Yes! Yes! Those things are all very frustrating!

But, here's the flip...

"Tell me about all of the wonderful things your husband does for you, your family, and even for himself," I said to her next.

It took her a while to get started, but once she did, she had a bundle of great things to say. She kept going and going, because there really were so many things...

"How do you feel now that you have been thinking about all of this?" I asked.

"I feel better," she replied.

When it comes to these two different sets of stories you can choose to tell about your husband, which version makes you feel better about you?" I asked.

"The latter, of course," she said.

"Practice that," I said to her.

Practice finding reason to appreciate whenever possible.

Appreciate yourself.

Appreciate your spouse.

Appreciate your neighbors.

Appreciate your colleagues.

Appreciate what they are showing you about yourself.

Appreciate the contrast they allow you to discover, which further shows you what you do want for yourself.

Appreciate the lessons around you whenever possible. {It's always possible.}



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