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Discover How To Be A Leader That Gets MASSIVE Respect in Two Simple Steps

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Discover How to Be A Leader That Gets Massive Respect Respect: we all crave it, and yet the path to generating it can seem pretty daunting. In fact, in certain circles, it might even seem impossible! And yet, regardless of age, experience, or status, respect can be gained (or lost) more quickly than we realize. Here's my super simple and entirely sustainable process for gaining respect (no matter the relationship!). These two easy steps have worked for my clients as well as myself. Don't just read them though. Really lean into them and see what kind of results they can generate for you.

  1. Respect Yourself

Keep the focus on what you can control: you.

You are the only person who you can ever actually control. If respect is what you crave, focus on gifting that to yourself.

Being respectable is about personal integrity as well as self-awareness... perhaps the two BIGGEST indicators of leadership ability.

How can you expect someone else to respect you if you're not clearly setting the example? Simply stated: be respectable! Be worthy of respect by really doing what you say and really saying what you mean.


  1. Foster Connection

Put your focus on respect to the side. Focus instead on fostering connection. Once again, this is something you can control. Connection breeds respect.

Forget about demanding respect. Chasing respect is like chasing a wild dog. You won't catch him and the wild dog is not likely to be happy once caught.

With a true commitment to fostering more connection in your relationships, you can gain respect by showing up with integrity and truly caring about the best interest of those around you.


I want to hear from you!

How have you dealt with a lack of respect in your relationships?

Please leave a comment below.


Coaching Myself Through Learning to Paint At 30

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  Learning to Paint at 30

Something Big

About a week before my birthday, I decided I wanted to do something big for myself to commemorate turning 30.


For some people, the idea of 'something big' may entail a thrill-seeking adventure. Bungee Jumping. Swimming across the Atlantic. Parasailing. Cliff diving... and things of that nature.

But for me, a CREATIVE adventure is always the most daring and feisty adventure of all.


For my 30th birthday I decided I was going to stop telling the story that would love to be able to paint, and instead actually learn how to paint.


So, why painting?

Because when I paint, I feel so good.

Because I believe that we can get good at anything we choose to pursue.

Because I love being out of my head and in the moment.

Because I believe it's never too late to start something new.

Because I believe "the way to know life is to love many things."




And can I just say: wow.

There have been some bumpy spots along the road. If I did not know how to coach myself through this I probably would've stopped back at day two or three.

That annoying voice inside of our heads gets even louder when we try new things. That annoying voice can not stand when we are not immediately good at something. But I knew to be ready for this.

Starting at the VERY beginning of a new creative adventure has me so revved up as a coach. Pursuing something you are passionate about gives you energy. Saying yes to a desire is like a great big YES to your life.

Your desires are not random. They are like a compass leading you to the next step. Desire trumps talent and what you want wants you too.

If you have something you want to go after in life, or something you want to change.... know this-- it is so very possible.










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