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The Crippling Disadvantage of a Disempowered Mindset

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The Crippling Disadvantage of a Disempowered MindsetI was raking my yard yesterday (because feminism) and I have to confess: for the first patch of my raking endeavors, I had a very disempowered mindset. It was kinda funny though, because just a few weeks ago I recall raking my front yard and having a blast. A blast, you say? Really? Yes, it was a blast. Because the weather was great. Because I was ready to get out of the house and away from my laptop. Because my body craved some hard work. And because raking my yard on my own makes me feel like SheRa. Okay. I don't know much about SheRa but my friend told me about her and it sounds like she was pretty great.

Yesterday, however, I found myself in the midst of a disempowered mindset. I was way in my head with all too many thoughts (you know we have 60,000-70,000 of them per day, right?). I was feeling a bit stuck and some sort of "behind."

Well, thoughts like these love to be fondled and I knew just the thing to do. I needed to move. Again and again I forget this. A disempowered mindset is not a fate you are stuck with for a lifetime, or even for an entire day.

You can move your body to free your mind.

It didn't happen right away. The first 30 minutes? My mind was still winning .

But strenuous yard work leaves little room for thought fondling (see what I did there?!).

I chose movement to move myself out of useless mind drama.

I know, I know. Some of you are at a desk working.

And some of you are there 'till it's dark.

But there's no {good} reason you can't find a solid 10 minute to move your body in some kind of way.

You see, the crippling disadvantage of a disempowered mindset is that you aren't really living (or performing, or serving, or loving, or working) when you're stuck in your head. And that's exactly where a disempowered mindset keeps you.

There are a few great, known ways to get out of your head: Inquiry (questions). Meditation (shut it off). Movement (the brain changes when we move). It's science and stuff.

My coaching offers solutions through inquiry. But you can do the movement thing or meditation thing on your own.



5 Common Energy Traps And What You Can Do About Them

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energytraps-01I meet so many intelligent individuals who so unintelligently waste their energy. And, I promise I mean that in the nicest of ways. We all do it... sometimes. But if you are consistently feeling energy-zapped, you might be ready to shine a light of curiosity... to trigger some contemplation. Maybe-- just maybe -- you are currently feeling energy zapped by some of these I know I feel that way sometimes. BUT...

Shining the light of our attention means we can switch over our intention to embrace new, more "energy efficient" tactics in our lives.

Here they are... five common energy traps and, of course, ways you can "bust out of them" in order to renew and elevate your energy!

1. Expecting too much of anything from anyone

Yes, we can make sensible agreements with people. And, indeed, we can set healthy boundaries. But think for a moment about how much disappointment and frustration comes from failed expectations. It's not pessimistic to lower your expectations. It's freeing! Instead of putting so much focus on what everyone else is doing to you, or for you instead shift your focus. Ask yourself: "How do I want to show up today? Who do I want to be? How do I want to feel? How can I feel that way now!?

2. Attaching to the outcome

When we become fixated on what will happen, or what we want to happen, we lose sight of what's possible, what's beautiful, and what's perfect. If instead we focus on our work "in the moment" we can actually guarantee with more certainty that we will have our eyes on the ball (our goals!), and yet also on the whole field (our desired lifestyle & legacy!).

3. Forgetting that a 'miracle' is just one new thought away

"A Course In Miracles" is an incredible and fairly famous metaphysical book, in which a miracle is defined as: a change in perspective. That is all. And, that is all that is required for us to experience a life-changing breakthrough. If you are in an energy slump, try to remember, this too shall pass, and a loving and comforting thought is always within reach when we are ready.

4. Failing to take care of yourself

At first I wanted to call this trap "failing to be kind to yourself" but self-care is a complex critter. Kindness is so important. So is self-acceptance, self-trust, self-beleif, self-confidence, and ultimately... self-love.  Whew. Thats a lot of selfs. And yet, can you put a check mark next to each of these? Do you accept yourself fully? Trust your journey entirely? Have confidence in your abilities? Now, of course nobody is perfect in any of these areas; yet, bringing our attention to the question can change our intention about the question. How do you WANT to feel about yourself? How would you like to be cared for? Whatever it is you want, you can create that for yourself. Once again, if only you are ready to do it for yourself.

5. Losing sight of being "at choice"

Whew. This one is a tough one for me. Once I had kids, I felt tied to the boat, so to speak. I love my kids. Duh. But there is something so "intense" about their needs. They kinda sorta need to eat and stuff. And sleep. Yea, that crazy thing... being in charge of someone else's sleep habits. Oy. But, when we come back to it, we can see that every single thing we do for our children (or our selves, or our spouses, or our bosses, or our mothers) is a CHOICE. We are choosing whether to show up fully, or half-assed. We are in at choice if we give them our best or give them the blame. We can always choose. Once you release the idea that your are obligated to do something and realize that you are actually making your choices from a place of love, logic, and authenticity, it feels much better ... and so much easier to stay in the flow of being the real energetic YOU.






What Are You Really Chasing?

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Image-1-6 You've been chasing it for a while now.

How's it going, that chase?

Does it feel good? Does it make you excited...?

Or has the chase gotten tiring?


Either way, no matter how the chase is going, what I really want to talk about is WHY you are chasing it.


Money? Power? Fame? Self-worth? Validation? Vindication?


Stop for a moment.

Think about it.

What you're chasing is a thing, but what you really want is the feeling it will bring.


Now, think about it harder.

Why can't you feel that way right now?

WITH or WITHOUT that thing?

No, really... why can't you?


Can't feel fast without a fast car? Watch ME! I can feel REALLY fast without any car at all!

Can't feel sexy without losing 10 pounds? Pish! I call bull-hawg. That's a lie you're telling yourself. You don't have to believe it.


It's crazy really, when we stop to think about it. If we can really let ourselves go there. We'll see that what we ALL really want is the feeling. And the feeling can be ours anytime we allow ourselves to feel it.


THEN, from that place, we can go on to pursue such great things. Not because doing so will complete us, fix us, or prove us as worthy, but simply because it is ours to pursue.


Now, if you'll come back with me for a moment to those things... I want to talk about them.

I like them too.

A ferocious designer bag.

A gourmet, made-by-someone-else dinner.

A beautiful jewelry (and clothing!) collection.

A safe, gorgeous luxury car.

...Or whatever else might be on your list. Those things are great. When you go after them, you are being someone who goes after things.

You are someone who steps outside of her comfort zone. You will, potentially, use your superpowers for good, and change lives along the way.

But all the while, remember that the feeling you crave is already yours. Always yours. Ready and waiting. And when you embrace that feeling FIRST and then pursue your heart's desires, the magic is yours to enjoy even more-- every step of the way.