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The Work/Life Balance Hoax

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I gave a talk a couple of years back about work/life balance.

Well, that’s what they asked me to talk about. And I did... I talked about it...


I talked about how work/life balance is a hoax, and how striving for it sets us up for failure.


I recall someone at the end raising their hand in a confused sort of way: “So... no balance?!” she asked. "Nope. No balance."

the work/life balance hoax

Instead, I suggested...



Clarity around what matters most to you.



Priorities in regards to what is a must… and what is a could… or worse yet, a should.



Agreements are healthier than expectations. They take the emotion our of the deal, and put the focus on choices and not personalities.


We cannot balance work and life.


We can’t put our roles into compartments and then be an employee or a business owner in one scheduled lot of time and then be a mom or friend, or whatever else in the other section of time.

You are the employee and the dad. Or the mom and the business owner. Or any other combination of possibilities.


You are not your roles. But your clarity about what matters most to you, and how you prioritize your agreements matter.


Create healthy agreements to experience a deeper satisfaction...

Work/Life Harmony


- Sylvia 


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Six Ways To Energize Your Day

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I hear SO many people talking about time management, but I think they might be missing the mark.

Sure. Time management is important. But the REAL problem is not how much time we have. The real problem is how much we drag through the tasks at hand: Enter a NEW concept...



Energy management is all about managing our state. State is how you're thinking and feeling. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to get work done when you don't feel well?

And what about your productivity when you're feeling great? There's a difference, right?! 

Below, I've outlined six powerful ways to manage your state. 



Start fresh every day. Believe in the power of a new beginning. If you're hanging on to yesterday it's no wonder you're stressed (It's over! Get over it!). If you're worrying about tomorrow... it's no wonder you're stressed (It's not even here yet; chill out!). Every day is a fresh shot on this big blue ball we call planet earth. Energize your day by releasing yesterday and tomorrow. Today, right now, is all you have and all you need.



Recognize and disconnect from negative thought patterns. Confident people simply believe more positive thoughts about themselves! (Write that down!) Next, drop the pen and grab an imaginary pair of scissors. Now, cut the emotional cords between you and your self-doubt. Self sabotage is pretty much the nastiest kind of sabotage that exists. To get energized, you need to reconnect with 'who you really are.' The REAL, lit up, connected, vibrant, YOU. That is a magnetic kind of energy! 

Six Ways To Energize Your Day - So many people talk about time management, but I think they might be missing the mark.  Sure. Time management is important. But the REAL problem is not how much time we have.


Figure out what you really want for your day. Your clarity regarding what you really want is SO VERY important. Momentum comes from focusing on, thinking about, talking about, and taking action towards WHAT WE WANT. The things we are passionate about give us energy. 



Learn your illusionary area of 'not enoughness.' We all have one. What’s yours? Not enough time? Money? Love? Smarts? Bust through this illusion to create a surge of energy in your day.


Own the rights to your own contentment in order to enhance your experience and your impact. I call this "keeping the key to your happiness in  your own pocket." This metaphor works great with my seven-year-old, and works great for my clients! Once you understand no one else is to blame, you and you alone get to decide what kind of energy you bring to the day.  



 Identify what lights you up and infuse it into every day. We all have our own unique brand of magic in this life. When we dare to recognize our personal areas of creativity, we can really show up in a thrilling and authentic way. As Elizabeth Gilbert says: "Any talent you do not use becomes a burden." Release the burden of un-used talent to energize your day and life!


- Sylvia