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Strengths Finder 2.0 - What We Focus On We Move Towards

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Strengths Finder | Sylvia Hall Kansas City Life Coach What we focus on, we move towards. And... that's why I love this best selling book by Tom Rath. It's a simple book with an outstanding premise: when we focus on our strengths, we thrive. The bulk of the book is a to be used alongside of the results you get from taking a 35 minute online survey. The survey identifies your top 5 strengths. In order to take the "quiz" you have to buy the book and use your unique passcode in the back.

Why is it important to identify your strengths? Well, your strengths are your strengths, whether you recognize them or not. When you have clarity about what you're good at, it becomes easier to release the things we're not as good at.

Roth talks about using our raw talent as a multiplier:

...we've discovered that the most successful people start with dominant talent -- and then add skills, knowledge, and practice to the mix.

Building on your strengths works as an excellent platform for self-confidence, self-beleif, and self-trust. As if I needed more proof, my five strengths have me confident that life coaching is pretty much my home zone. Chances of me finding a better fit for my talents seems unlikely...

1. Activator this strength means I am a fire starter
2. Connectedness this strength means I THRIVE when I feel connected, supported, and supporting
3. Communication this strength means I am meant to share my insights
4. WOO (win people over) this strength means i want people to see and be the best version of themselves
5. Ideation this strength means ideas energize me

A strengths-based-focus is a fantastic way to look at who you are and what kind of work you are meant to be doing in this world.

Have you taken the strengths-finder assessment? I would love to hear your top 5.

The Ass-Kicking Nature of Personal Responsibility

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The nature of personal responsibility is absolutely ass-kicking and here's why:

When you really own up to your choices, your desires, and your life... deliberate lifestyle creation can finally begin.

Why's that? Because you can get out of your own way of the blame game. You can own up to what you want.

You can KNOW that if you have what you want, it's because you created it, and if you don't have what you want, it's because you have yet to create it. And frankly, that's ok. It's wonderful actually. Because now you can do something about it.

The Bigs and Smalls of Personal Responsibility

Personality responsibility means taking care of yourself; eating a bowl of grapes rather than your kid's halloween candy.

Personal responsibility means owning your choices, and moving beyond past decisions to the only moment that is ever really yours, anyway-- the 'NOW moment' right in front of you.

Personal responsibility means that if you want to get inspired, you find a way to inspire yourself. You surround yourself with positive people and you give more than you take.

Personal responsibility means personal trust. Trusting that you can and will do what needs to be done when the time comes to do it. AH, now that's a beautiful concept.

Personal Responsibility = Freedom

Personal responsibility is really all about freedom.

Knowing you are always at choice means you are always free to change your mind about anything and everything whenever you are ready to do so.




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