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Are you all in... or one foot out the door?

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Before now, I wasn’t really ever committed to my own success.

Sounds crazy but it’s absolutely true and I’d love to tell you why. Stay with me here….

Some of ya’ll have been my readers of my blog for a long time.

Either way, wherever we’ve come together on this beautiful timeline of life, you’ve probably seen me exploring a lot of things.

are you all in... or one foot out the door?


One of my favorite sayings is: 

“The way to know life is to love many things." -Van Gogh


It goes so well with my many passions!

I designed and sold jewelry all over Kansas City for around 6 years.

And then of course, about three years ago, I decided to pursue life coaching and became a certified coach. 

And there were several other fun pursuits in between all that...

But here’s the truth:


I wasn’t ready, or willing to make any of these successful.


Even the jewelry business which hit over 1,000 sales on etsy and likely had equal that in local Kansas City sales.

Even the life coaching, where my clients pay me over $100/hour for one-on-one sessions and where I’m paid $1,000 + for an hour keynote.

Despite all of that awesomeness, it’s absolutely true that I was not “ALL IN" with either of those. 


I was not completely committed and now I am, and I want to tell you why.


The reason I (subconsciously) did not want any of my other businesses to become successful was because it would’ve meant MORE work and MORE time and MORE energy and MORE everything than I had to give.

As a mom, HSP, creative, wife, daughter, sister, and friend… I could not give any more.


And more success would’ve meant more work and more of ME than I was willing to give. 


Success, then, was this illusive wish. I wanted to sell more, gain more exposure, etc. etc.

But, then... I didn’t, actually.

And, now… amazingly, things are different.

Massive success is not only welcome, but it’s also planned for.


My new business, Lifted was built in a way that none of my other businesses have been built. 


It’s scalable. 

It’s not reliant on me and me alone.

(If you want more information on this concept, Robert Kiyosaki’s book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" is a GREAT starting point and his book "Cashflow Quadrant” is great read, too!)

Now, more sales does not mean more work for me. (Well, maybe a little, but not much more.) 


Instead, more sales means… YESSSS! I can help more people. And that’s the really fun part. 


Is it possible that you are blocking your own success as well because what it would mean for your life as a whole? 

And remember... one other favorite quite that has been a guiding light:


"Success without fulfillment is failure.”-Tony Robbins