Resolutions Are Overrated. Try This Instead.

What if the best way to write resolutions is not to write them at all?

reflect and plan the new year: goals

I created a super simple graph that will help you reflect on 2016 and plan for 2017 ... on a soul level. 

Print it out, and fill it out.

Super simple. 

No excuses. 

Get clear on what worked in 2016 and clear on what didn't.

Get clear on what you want more of in 2017 and what you want less of. 

Nothing is too BIG. Nothing is too petty.

Remember: don't overthink this. Just print it out and fill it out.

Happy New Year!

- Sylvia 



The Three Areas of Business According to Byron Katie

Are you struggling with stress, anxiety, or overwhelm?

It might be because you are not in the right area of business. 

Check out this short video to learn an amazing tool to release unnecessary stress!


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