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10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Coach for Your Team

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We millinneals think differently and are driven differently. Marketers have declared us "an enigma," and yet we crave to do work that is meaningful.


Coaching can help identify what makes your people tick and ensure they stay connected and engaged at work. What are some signs that your team would benefit from a coach? Read below to find out.


1. You know something's gotta give.

You could benefit from an outside perspective, and you KNOW that if you keep doing the same things you've been doing, you'll keep getting the same results. You don't want to keep banging your head against the wall about the same problems. Millinneals see the world in a different way. I can show you how.


2. You're lacking clarity and would like to know... what's really the problem?

As your coach I'm not going to tell you or your team what to do. But I will help you get a more clear grip on what exactly IS going on. A good coach helps separate the facts from "the rest of the story…" Clarity is a mega-step that will help you get results in a hurry.


3. You're tired of bullhawg excuses.

Uncovering the truth will give you the momentum you've been craving, and get underneath the surface of the problems you've been trying to put a band-aid on. You know that cliché, "the truth will set you free?" Ya, well, I know you probably hate sayings like that, but suck it up. It's true. Elephants in the room and dirt under the rug are getting in the way and holding your business back.


4. You want to take your people to the next level.

If you want your team to play bigger and better than ever before then you need to take a closer look than you've ever taken before. Really good questions can help you get clear on your vision and strategy. After figuring out where you are, we will take a solid look at where you are going. What do you really want and what's it going to take to get there?


5. Some team members have lost their drive.

Has your team lost that boisterous drive that you used to love to see? Where did that go? Was it lost or just misplaced? When it comes to rekindling that fire, I prefer the term inspiration rather than motivation-- it feels less like work and more like inspired-action. Reconnecting to what inspires your people will help them stay invested and driven.


6. Creativity and productivity seem to be lacking.

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" -Wayne Dyer. Get a new spin on the old news to create the results that you crave.


7. You want support for your team, not a shadow.

You would like to provide your team with extra support but don't want them micromanaged. A coach can provide excellent, refreshing support and is more affordable than hiring on a new team member.


8. You have new team members or have lost good people from your team.

The hardest part is getting started. A coach can be the sounding board you need to stay focused and clear-headed. The problem isn't always a problem-- most often it's how you are looking at the "problem."


9.  You're dealing with burn-out.

If your people are acting fried or frazzled, a coach can help them figure out why, and also help figure out what they can do about it. (Hint! It starts with your thoughts, and it leads to more clarity and more excitement.)


10. You want your people to experience a more satisfying (lasting!) style of success.

Ok, ok, I like to call it soul-satisfying, but you get the idea. Aligning the overall vision of the company with your people's individual drivers for performance will result in more success for everyone.


Nope. You don't HAVE to hire a coach for your team. But a fresh and fierce perspective can give your people increased productivity and achievement, resulting in an even sweeter version of success. If any of these 10 reasons spoke to you, give me a call or send me a message. I would love to have a coffee with you and talk about your people strategy.