Hello! I’m Sylvia.

Thanks for clicking over to learn more about me. 

I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur based in Kansas City. I am a writer, life coach, gut health advocate, lover of creativity, and mom of two.

I am passionately committed to alleviating unnecessary suffering in the world.

As a life coach, I help entrepreneurs and business owners intentionally live their own version of success.

I show my clients how to become intentional about their choices, so they can experience a deeper sense of satisfaction in their business and personal lives. 

I am a true extrovert. That doesn't just mean "I like people" ...it means I am energized by being around people and I love helping people understand the power of perspective.


My Story

I am a certified life coach from The Life Coach School in California. Yes, I went to "regular college," too, but my most treasured bits of knowledge have been gleaned from my personal growth efforts.

Not too long ago, I wrote a book called 'This Is Real Life: Love Notes to Wake You Up." It's a book of poems designed to inspire and wake you up. Check it out.


My Life 

Alongside my work as a coach, I am a mom of two. I’m married to a pragmatic engineer, who will forever be my favorite skeptic. 

My goal for our family is that we encourage and support each other to be our best selves. Creatively, spiritually, and physically.

My husband and I recently decided to start a business together (fun, right?!). You can learn more about that over at Five12 Properties.

It's important to me that I mention our investing business, because I want my clients to know I take this 'personal development stuff' to heart. Our goal is financial freedom for our family outside of any one J O B. 

Having lived here for over 10 years now, we happily call Kansas City “HOME.”

Other than my relentless entrepreneurial zest, I love all things creative + spiritual. Writing, walking, dancing, being in nature, and houseplants.

I like spending time with people who inspire me and I love a good change.

Let's Connect 

If you are a looking to FINALLY commit to your goals (personal or professional), then write to me below. We can schedule a complimentary coaching session. I can't wait to learn more about your BIG + JUICY goals!

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Client Testimonials

“One conversation with Sylvia woke me up from my hyper-sleep.” – R. Northrup 

“Instead of viewing things as a burden, I now see things as an opportunity to achieve what I really want.” – J. Klein

“I seriously can’t think you enough for being such an inspiration to me and giving me the tools and power to create my own reality.” – P. Wilson


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